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Office Telephone System Service and Support

We work on most major brands (and lots of minor brands too!)

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We prioritize your emergencies above all else. We'll be right there. Emergency Rates Apply. Don't Panic - Click Here for a free consultation.

Installation of New and Used Key and PBX Systems

Meet with one of our consultants at your office and discuss your needs with us. We have access to a wide variety of new and used telephone systems. We'll even install or relocate the system you already have. The consultation is complimentary. Schedule it now.

Office Cabling: Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-5e

Moving? Growing or expanding? Whether you're relocating, expanding, or just adding computer or phone equipment to your existing office, we install the wires in your wall.

We test and certify EVERY cable we run. Schedule a visit to get a quote.

Voice-over IP Systems Sales and Consulting

VoIP systems are all the rage. What are the trade-offs?  Which one is right for you?

Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Voicemail and Unified Messaging

Do you need a simple, single mailbox for your company OR individual mailboxes for each employee?

Are you passing around those pink “While You Were Out” notes from your receptionist?

Would you like to receive your voice mails in your email in-box?

What Unified Messaging options are right for your company?

Schedule a consultation today and discuss your needs with an industry professional.

Internet Access

  • DSL
  • T-1 Voice and Data
  • MPLS
  • Cable Modems
  • Virtual Private Networks

Let us give you half an hour of our time. We'll help you choose the service that's right for you. We may also be able to help you gain access to special rates.

Get in touch today.

Local Area Networks

  • Design, Installation, Upgrades
  • Cabling
  • Routers, Switches and Hubs
  • Wireless Security

Whether you're planning a new LAN or need to grow, shrink, or modify. We can make the technology work harder for your dollar.

Request a consultation today.

Custom-Programmable Messaging and Music-on-Hold

What messages are your callers hearing? Use the time they spend on hold to inform them or sell them your products and services. You get complete control of any music or messaging simply by adding Messaging-on-Hold to your system. We'll walk you through making your music and messaging relevant and effective.

Find out more in a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Voice-over Recording Services

Your company has an image. Would professionally recorded messages help it? Make your voice-over messaging sound like they were done in a Hollywood studio. (This service is available to anyone in the United States).

Interview your Voice-Over actor today.

Paging Systems

“Doctor Blair, Doctor Blair,”

Whether you need over-head paging in your office, loudspeaker paging in your warehouse or simply need to page a co-worker using the phones you already have, we can help.

Find out how today.

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Adds, Moves, Changes

Moving or changing your phone system can be a daunting task. Advocate Telecom is here to help!

System upgrades, System Expansion

Office telephone systems are designed to grow with your business. We can help you find compatible phones and add-on modules to make your system do more. What can your system do?

Find out at no charge for the consultation.

Add Telephone Lines

Are you missing business because you don't have a sufficient number of phone lines for peak call traffic? We can inspect your system and tell you how many more it can handle – with and without the addition of new modules. We can even set up the installation with the phone company on your behalf. There's no charge for a visit and no charge for liaisons with the telephone company.

Schedule a consultation with a technician today.

Add Phones

Which phones will work with your system? How many can you add before you need to upgrade the system itself? Find out from an experienced, friendly technician who can respond to your site. Or do you just need to order phones? We deal in most brands of new and refurbished phones.

Call or email us with the brand name and model number.

Office Relocation

Time to move? When it comes to relocating your system, we'll think it through with you and handle your technology with care. We can make it work in the new place, just as it did where it currently is. Schedule a pre-install visit so that we can help you prepare.

Remote Office Integration

What can your phone system do to help make your business world smaller? If you have remote offices, you'll understand this question. We can find the answers for you or suggest solutions you may not have considered. Have a consultant visit your office.

They'd love to meet you.

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Telephone Company Liaison Services

Use our experience and connections to protect your business from costly expenditures that affect your bottom line.

Telephone Bill Analysis

A consultant will meet with you and audit your phone and data expenditures. A 30-minute consultation is complimentary. Take advantage of our expertise and schedule your consultation today.

Dial tone Audit

This service is provided free of charge for customers within our service area. A technician will physically trace each of your phone lines. Request a visit by one of our skilled technicians. We'll inspect and compile a report for you.

Elimination of “Waste-Charges” and Expense Streamlining

Once we've analyzed your services, we'll be able to help you reduce your costs. This service costs you nothing. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the money we save you. In other words, we get paid a chunk of the money we find for you.

Schedule a free consultation today!